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Who we are

STARBASE Oregon is a Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM) education program for fifth grade students that provides 25 hours of engaging, inquiry-based and hands-on STEAM instruction. The students spend five days launching rockets, mixing chemicals, exploring computer aided design, programming robots and functioning as teams of scientists and engineers!

There are four STARBASE Academies in Oregon:

  • STARBASE Kingsley in Klamath Falls

  • STARBASE Portland in Portland

  • STARBASE Camp Rilea in Warrenton

  • STARBASE Rees Training Center in Hermiston

The STARBASE Academies are entirely Federally funded by the Department of Defense and are all located on military installations. The technology rich environment allows students to experience the first-hand “real world” application of STEAM skills, offering a curriculum unavailable to them outside of the STARBASE Academies.

Evidence based evaluations of STARBASE participants show a significant improvement in understanding, interest and ability in math and science, which has led to increased enthusiasm in pursuing further STEAM education.

STARBASE Academies are integral to the school districts’ STEAM education pipeline that assists students in meeting science standards. STARBASE helps students develop the required STEAM literacy and knowledge needed to excel as citizens of an increasingly complex world.

STARBASE Oregon serves 18 school districts and is currently scheduled to deliver 25 hours of STEAM Curriculum to 4,000 Oregon youth in the 2022/2023 school year!


With four academies serving communities across Oregon, STARBASE delivers fun, hands-on educational opportunities to hundreds of young learners every year. Follow the links below to learn more about your local STARBASE.

Klamath Falls



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