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STARBASE Oregon Summer Aviation Academy

STARBASE Oregon was thrilled to offer an Aviation Academy to sixteen Klamath Falls Middle School students this summer! The Aviation Academy was developed as a direct response to the much reported shortage of professional pilots and aviation technicians world-wide.

“As the pilot labor supply has continued to tighten around the world, regional markets that have relied heavily on recruiting pilots from outside their home locations are increasingly

seeking to recruit, train, and develop locally sourced pilots. Cadet programs that train aspiring pilots from zero flight hours to being an operationally ready first officer have increased in popularity as airlines look to provide career pathway programs and fill future pilot pipelines.”- Pilot Outlook: 2018-2037,

Locally, we have already felt the negative impact.

“Earlier this year, Horizon Air, part of Seattle-based Alaska Air Group, had to slash hundreds of flights because it didn’t have enough pilots to keep up its schedule. In 2018, the pilot shortfall in the U.S. could reach 2,000 jobs—and in the next five years, it could reach 5,000 or more.” How the Pilot Shortage Could Change the Way We Fly, Barbara Peterson, Conde Nast Traveler, August 21,2018,

Seeking to be part of the solution, STARBASE Oregon developed a camp style academy to be held at STARBASE Kingsley for 3 full days in August.

The Mission, to offer an engaging and comprehensive aviation adventure and opportunity for 16 Title 1 middle school students, highlighting the many facets of aviation and the subsequent higher education and employment opportunities.

As a result of STARBASE Oregon’s inaugural Aviation Academy, a group of at-risk, local, middle school-aged youth were offered a glimpse at specific STEM career opportunities awaiting them, in a field vital to our regional and national economy. The collaborative contributions by the Educational, STEM Professional, and Military Communities of Klamath Falls have provided an eye-opening experience to sixteen young minds in rural southern Oregon.

STARBASE Oregon plans to offer a 25-hour Aviation Camp at each of the following locations in the Summer of 2019:

  • STARBASE Kingsley

  • STARBASE Portland

  • Camp Rilea Armed Forces Training Center

In addition to the 2018 curriculum, students will use flight simulators, tour local airports and receive visits from Professional Instructors at College Level Aviation Programs.

Posted September 2018

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