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STARBASE  Kingsley



Mrs. Energy

Site Director | Instructor


Mother of 3 teenagers, began her career at STARBASE in early 2014, is a lifelong learner and huge fan of STEM-Ed! She finds joy when her students feel successful and empowered. Mrs. Energy loves aerospace, probably because she was a Boeing kid…both her parents worked for The Boeing Company, while she grew up in Seattle. “When you enter the STARBASE Kingsley Classroom, you are scientists, you are engineers, you are important, you are respected, you are a friend, you are the reason we are here!”

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Professor Gravity



Professor Gravity has worked at STARBASE since 2015. She loves engaging the students in fun S.T.E.M. activities and teaching them new concepts and skills. Her favorite part of teaching is seeing the excitement on the faces of the kids. The “Wow!, “Ohhh!”, and “Do it again!” moments are the best! In her free time, she loves being with her family; she and her husband have four children. They enjoy doing house projects together and traveling. All six of them love strapping on skis and taking to the slopes, camping near the coast, and traveling across the country to visit family. They also enjoy movie nights at home with special popcorn, as well as, cooking together and eating yummy food.

Here is a Fun Fact: Professor Gravity knows sign language.

Professor Gravity attended Michigan State University to earn both her Master’s Degree and Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education with a Major in Deaf Education and Minors in Geography and Psychology. She started teaching Special Education in 2001 and STARBASE in 2015.


Mrs. Rock It



My name is Mrs. Rock It and I am a busy mom of 6 kids. My husband loves flying F-15s for the Oregon Air National Guard. We are a very kinetic family.  Laughter and energy are always in motion around our house. We are the GR8 Family!! I grew up in Texas and met my husband there 25 years ago...and our lives have been in afterburner ever since.  Prior to joining the 173rd Fighter Wing in Klamath Falls, we lived in Florida and Alaska.

I have taught at STARBASE since 2020 and I love learning and teaching how things work. Our STEM program provides fun activities including bubbly experiments, programming robots, engineering straw rockets, learning about space-to name a few.

STARBASE makes a difference in kids' lives and the students leave having had a fun, interactive and memorable experience.


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