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STARBASE  Camp Rilea


Mr. Electric

Site Director | Instructor


Hi, I’m Mr. Electric!  I retired from the army after 20 long years!  I’m very much into working on my jeep and playing Video games. I’m an Xbox gamer at heart, but I won’t be upset if you’re a Playstation fan! My hobbies include skiing, Xbox(of course!), and building computers. Some fun facts about me include that I have 3 daughters, 2 dogs, and 2 cats. I also enjoy anime.  Science is my favorite subject. I can often be found digging under desks, and in closets working on the computers here at STARBASE.  I love technology and my entire house is automated. It’s really fun, but I dread the day the internet goes out!


Professor Plankton



Hi, I’m professor Plankton. I started teaching at STARBASE in 2019, before that I did all kinds of jobs. I taught at museums and helped them build cool exhibits. I was a teaching artist and brought art workshops to different schools all over Oregon. I was a college teacher, a metalsmith, and even a factory worker. I get way too excited about sea creatures and I like learning about how things work.


Mz. Prism



Greetings, I’m Mz. Prism! I’m an artist and Art Educator and before I came to STARBASE I taught 5th-grade. I love being a S.T.E.A.M. teacher because I’m very curious and I love to experiment with new materials and technologies. S.T.E.A.M. lets me explore the world around in really creative and innovative ways. When I’m not teaching, you can find me outside hiking, surfing, roller skating, or hanging out and playing music with my friends. I also enjoy cozy days indoors with my cat and a good book when the weather gets too stormy.


Ms. Universe

Office Manager


Hey everybody, my name is Ms. Universe! I really love traveling far and wide. I have 2 boys that keep me busy playing lots of things like baseball, basketball, and soccer. When we aren’t playing sports, we really enjoy going for walks and going to the park. I spent a while in the Army working around helicopters, I really love watching them fly around STARBASE.  Technology is my favorite thing to learn about and I try to learn something new every day!


Mr. Electric
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