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Umatilla Staff


 78798 Ordnance Rd, Hermiston, OR 97838

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Mr. Chroma

Howdy, I’m Mr. Chroma! I served for over a decade as an army medic where I got to visit all kinds of neat places around the globe like Columbia, Iraq, Australia, Afghanistan, and Thailand. I have also worked at a university, a high school, and even had a stint as a professional YouTuber! I am a major technophile, which is one of the reasons I love working with young students; they always seem to know all the best apps, tech trends, and emerging technologies. When I am not running cool science experiments at STARBASE, I like to ride and work on my motorcycle, go on hikes with my dog, and work out at the gym.

Mr. Conductor

Greetings and salutations!  My name’s Chief Conductor.  I served in the United States Coast Guard for 22 years as an electrician residing on all 3 coasts and working on everything from ships’ electrical systems, shore power, GPS installation and even lighthouses on the New England Coast. I also participated in fisheries and drug enforcement activities in the Bering Sea in Alaska and below the Equator in South America.  I have also been in the railroad industry for 12 years working on major federal projects for 3 railroad companies. Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) has been an integral part of my career journey for long time. Being a team member at STARBASE allows me to share my life experiences with the next generation and encourage them to pursue a STEM career. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family and being active in our local church.

mr c_edited.jpg

Hi there, Kender here! I realize that I am the cutest employee here at STARBASE Umatilla (aside from maybe Mr. Conductor), but please resist the urge to pet me or talk to me during class since that might distract me from working. I am a scientist by nature and am always investigating the world using my five senses, particularly taste and smell unlike you humans who rely too often on your eyes, which can be easily deceived. Never give me any food when you come to STARBASE. I'll act like I want whatever your eating, but don't give it to me!  I need to maintain a strict diet to maintain my mental focus and ladylike figure.

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