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Our talented staff of STEM educators.... more filler here

Summer Academy
Mrs. Atoms

Began teaching at STARBASE in 2013

Mr. Math

At STARBASE Since 2015

Mrs. Kinetic

Hi, my name is Mrs. Kinetic! I started teaching at STARBASE in 2015, and it’s been the most fun I’ve ever had. I love science because of all the exploring and learning I get to do! I especially love the messy experiments!

I enjoy teaching engineering, because I get to see everyone’s imagination run wild. We can design anything we want and make it do really cool things!

I have family in Washington and Idaho, but I’ve lived in Oregon my whole life. I have 3 sisters, and 3 brothers, who are all younger than me! It was a crazy full house, I even had to share a room!

I now own a home with my husband, full of plants, and one very large dog. My dog has a lot of kinetic energy, so she keeps me busy when I come home from STARBASE.

Dr. Design

Being creative with a purpose is important to me. Helping students to learn is my passion.

Did you know that design is problem solving? At STARBASE you will become a master problem solver.

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